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april 2018

As we head into Spring we celebrate Tree Pose. This balancing pose strengthens the legs, ankles and feet while creating flexibility in the groin and hips. It has the additional effect of opening through the torso as you lengthen through the side body. To come into the pose start in tadasana (mountain pose) and with hands on hips or in Namaste, shift your weight to one foot/leg and bring the other foot into the inner ankle, lower leg or thigh. Feel free to extend your arms/branches skyward as you stay rooted in the pose through your standing leg and a focused gaze. And unless we want to be confused for a petrified forest, remember to breathe, baby, breathe!

Playlists for April: Chants and Beats, Balance, and Rise.

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Spring Yoga Nidra Workshop with Deirdre Breen

Sat, Apr 28th

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Little OMmies

Little OMmies Mom & Baby Yoga with Yoga Jen

Session 1 starting Apr 10th

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family yoga

Little Garden Family Yoga with Melissa Pereira

Saturdays: 4/14, 5/12, and 6/12

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get to know your teacher

Denise Petersen
Find out more about Denise in this Q&A or practice with her on Mondays, Thursdays and Friday mornings.

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