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february 2019


Kindness is very often associated with our thoughts, words and actions directed toward others. Unfortunately, all too often the same kindness we practice towards others is forgotten when it comes to ourselves. One of the yamas/restraints from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is Ahimsa, Sanskrit for non-harming, and it is high time we start practicing this act of kindness towards ourselves-- to make our self criticism constructive, to drop the NOT we so often put in front of “good enough”, to provide an internal, encouraging word.

Cobra, as with all backbends, is a heart opener. As you practice this pose belly down, hands in line with the heart and spine lengthening, extending and lifting off the earth, we invite you to open your heart to others and just as importantly, to yourself. Be kind. Namaste!

Playlists for February: Choose Love, Love Will Tear Us Together, Pianos.

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Core in Focus Workshop with Diana Florio

Saturday, March 16

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200 Hour Teacher Training led by Joanne Kane & Denise Petersen

starting Jan 4, 2019

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YogaLife Building Blocks

Individual segments of our 200-hour teacher training are available

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Mindful Mondays for Teens
with Dena Vigilis

Mondays at 3:45pm
Starting Mar 11

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Fun + Zen Fridays with Melissa Pereira

Fridays at 4pm
Starting Jan 25th

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Winter/Spring 2019 Little Garden Family Yoga with Melissa Pereira

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Little OMmies
Caregiver + Baby with Yoga Jen

starting Apr 9th

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katie swift

Katie Swift

Find out more about Katie in this Q&A and practice with her Wednesday mornings at 10:15am.
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Tuesday, February 19
Release, Restore + Renew

Wednesday, February 20
Level 1-2



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