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may 2018

Just as the lotus flower springs forth from the mud and mire, we can bloom and shine in spite of the landscape and situations that surround us. Padmasana or Lotus is a seated pose which helps to relax the mind, improve concentration and digestion. In full padmasana we sit with legs crossed with each foot drawn to the hip crease of the opposite side. This opens and requires openness in the hips, groins, ankles and feet. While the full pose may be too deep for some, there are several variations – easy seat (legs crossed), ardha padmasana (one foot drawn to opposite hip crease atop the other leg) – all of which lead us toward the same outcome – to sit comfortably in stillness and effortless focus. Some days we’ll feel like the lotus, others we’ll feel like the mud – this makes us no less perfect, it makes us human – there is no lotus without the mud.

Playlists for May: Dust and Trust, Grow and Om Mom Om Mom Om Mom Om

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Little OMmies

Little OMmies Mom & Baby Yoga with Yoga Jen

Session 1 starting Apr 10th

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family yoga

Little Garden Family Yoga with Melissa Pereira

Saturday, June 12th

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Denise Petersen
Find out more about Denise in this Q&A or practice with her on Mondays, Thursdays and Friday mornings.

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May 26 – May 28, 2018

Saturday, May 26
7:30-8:45a Open
9:00-10:15a Level 1-2
10:30-11:45a Level 1

Sunday, May 27
7:30-8:45a Open
9:00-10:15a Level 1-2
10:30-11:45a Level

Monday, May 28
9:00-10:15a Level 1-2


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