Image adapted from Mitch Ditkoff’s blog called the Heart of the Matter.
He excerpted the image from Innerlink.

Intention is a course of action that one intends to follow, an aim that guides action, an objective. It brings meaning and power to our actions and leads us toward our goals. We mostly do this on autopilot—we eat to satisfy our hunger, we sleep to satisfy our need for rest, we work to earn a living, and life goes on. And nothing is wrong with this. And everything is wrong with this.

Why am I here? What is my purpose? The Dalai Lama would tell you, “To be happy and to make others happy.” A biologist would tell you to sleep, excrete and reproduce. In this life we are afforded the opportunity to explore these very questions. Intention is a powerful vehicle that enables you to find answers through your thoughts, words and actions. Your intention is your purpose, in this moment, in your life. Understand your intention and you understand your purpose. Set your intention and you set your purpose. Change your intention and you change your purpose.

Intention without the “I” is Karma Yoga, the yoga of action and selfless service. When our actions are guided from a place that is self-less, we start to find contentment with our Self-more.

In medicine, primary intention is the healing together of the edges of clean, closely opposed wound edges. Acting passionately from a place of right, true and pure intention brings about profound healing. The intention that guides our actions is our own spiritual suture, sealing, uniting and ultimately, making us whole.
May your actions align with your intentions. May your intentions align with your heart.


May I be at one

With the various parts of myself.
So that mind and heart work together.
So that the conversations in my head
Form a choir in perfect harmony.
So that what I do is supported by my
Heart’s desire
Like a shadow dancing behind a child
At play.
To be connected to the world,
Inspired by the sun and the wind.
To realize that every breath is a gift
And every blizzard has its place.
To be embraced by love for the people in my life.
So there is no fear, no suspicion, no separation
There is only love.
– Excerpted from God Whispers by Karyn D Kedar