A Proclamation

I was on the mat this morning and had a sudden inspiration,
sat down to pen this communication,
open and honest, no misinformation.
what the world needs now is cooperation,
unification and education,
most definitely some cultivation–
whether it’s vegetation or civilization,
a global nation, no separation
do you have a problem with that, why the hesitation?
give in to temptation,
get dragged down by frustration,
see each other different, that’s separation.
knock down our brothers and sisters, condemnation.
cut yourself off from the world, isolation.
how do you expect to change your situation?
a 10-day vacation
to some exotic nation
why not try some inner exploration?
reach a new elevation,
the cessation of obfuscation,
clarity creation.
my proclamation, my revelation,
plain and simple, it’s celebration.
Simple celebration of life, needs no explanation,
The effects — purification, contentment, bliss, liberation
it may just be the key to soul salvation
Not impressed by this observation?
Not profound enough, an over simplification?
Perhaps it’s time for a new equation,
One plus one equals one in my estimation.
Do the math.