Aprils Fool

With March coming in like a lion and going out like a lion, we’ve sometimes had to dig deep to keep that attitude of gratitude going. Through it all, we keep coming back to being grateful for the simple things – food on our plates, a roof over our heads, a jacket to keep us warm, family, friends, community. Funny how we consider these things essentials when they are luxuries for so many – it’s not a stretch to say that we are truly blessed. There’s no denying that there are very big and very real problems that come our way and deserve our attention. As for the small stuff we let consume us– the next time Mother Nature plays one of her tricks or life throws you a curve, perhaps you take a deep breath and laugh it off. And in doing so you transform yourself and your situation– no longer playing the role of the (April) fool, you’re in on the joke rather than the butt of it.

In this life whoever loses his roof Receives the stars in return.
– Tom Ze, Brazilian Musician