Virabhadrasana I, II, and III ~ Warrior I, II, and III

This month we celebrate strength and presence through the warrior poses. These standing poses require a strong foundation, matched by equally strong focus and awareness. As you practice on and off the mat, we encourage you to consider, reflect and even challenge your sense of what strength is…and what it is not. Just as yoga is the blend of mind, body and spirit, we can demonstrate strength on all of those levels. In our practice on the mat we demonstrate strength, both through holding poses and coming out of them “early” to restore. In our life practice we demonstrate strength, both by making things happen and by letting them happen. We are all warrriors, we all have more strength than we can imagine and we all have our own wars to wage – but ultimately being a warrior isn’t about making war, it’s about striving for, attaining and preserving peace. Go forward valiantly and brilliantly, dear friends!