Grateful Every Day

While 2020 has been anything but easy– as opposed to all those really, really easy years– we can still take a moment and be grateful for something, in fact many things, every single day. While Thanksgiving is one day a year, giving thanks and gratitude does not need to be relegated to a single day, there’s plenty of thanks to be giving right now.

Leading with an attitude of gratitude can be deeply transformational–we find ourselves grateful for the things we have rather than resentful for the things we haven’t; and when we’re thankful and truly appreciative of the things we have, perhaps we find we really have everything we need – be it material or emotional. Similarly, while we can be hugely thankful for our successes, and who doesn’t want to succeed– an attitude of gratitude let’s us appreciate all our small victories, the process, and in the face of our failures- hopefully brilliant ones! – the lessons to be learned from them. We do not say this lightly – an attitude of gratitude requires fortitude and resilience – not having, not succeeding or at least shaking a perception of there being an absence or less than takes work, practice, patience and a little bit, rather a lot a bit of love. An attitude of gratitude means leading with our hearts and letting our heads follow, every day.

Yoga off the Mat – Grateful Texting – This November we decided to put grateful every day into practice – we created a family group text and for each day of the month we each added something we are grateful for to the thread – we certainly had all the “givens” – family, friends, health, roof over our heads but as the days went on we surprised ourselves with gratitude for setbacks and failures we learn from, cold mornings that wake you up, chai, live people at yoga, comfort food, veterans, Fridays and strangely, Mondays, you get the idea. Recently picked up this same practice with a friend that’s been struggling – we just text something we’re grateful for each day – doesn’t have to be grand our profound, just getting the words down make it real enough and good enough. So maybe for once we can say “Get on that phone!”  With gratitude – your friends at Yoga Life