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Balance ~ embodying your magnificence and embracing your humility in the same breath… #bemagnificent #stayhumble

Heading into 2022 with eyes and ears wide open

Yoga is filled with openers – heart openers, shoulder openers, hip openers– it also teaches us to approach things with an open mind, an open heart (there’s that heart thing again) and an open perspective. In that same spirit, we are heading into 2022 focused on another type of opening – keeping our eyes and […]

Tied up in nots

Don’t be fooled, NOT is a four-letter word. All too often we negate all our power, all our goodness, heck, all our *greatness* with NOT. That’s not to say there isn’t work to be done – that’s why we practice and put in the time – but it’s time to drop the NOT and celebrate […]

YL@Home Playlist: Epiphany

Music can be a great accompaniment to your practice. Just as we link one pose to another, linking songs together in a playlist can energize, focus and inspire us. Sharing one of our more recent playlists, epiphany, with two tracks having that same name – Trent Reznor’s and Atticus Ross’ Epiphany appears in the Disney/Pixar […]

Get Outside

We’ve written about Spring before but perhaps never before has the message of renewal and rebirth seemed so relevant as so many of us emerge from our Covid induced winter that actually roots back to last spring. From self quarantining to self medicating, self studying and soul searching, for many it’s become more about self […]

The Eyes Have It

While we’ve shared the wildly inspiring, ecstatic and love filled words of Sufi poet Hafiz for years, who would have thought how incredibly relevant and fitting the words from this 14th century master’s poem With That Moon Language would be in the face mask wearing world we live in today. First, Hafiz taps into a […]

Love Yourself!

We are our own harshest critic. Self-judgement, self-criticism and self-doubt only offer words of discouragement – they are not our friends warning us about the risks of stepping out into the world, about showing the world who we are, they do not have our best interests at heart. They come from a “less than” place […]

Give it a rest – Savasana

Savasana, corpse/final resting pose, is a reminder that our practice, all the “work” we bring onto the mat, is rounded out with rest. Savasana is all about surrender – letting your body become, well, corpse-like, melting into and fully supported by the earth beneath you. And while it is also a time to surrender thoughts […]

Grateful Every Day

While 2020 has been anything but easy– as opposed to all those really, really easy years– we can still take a moment and be grateful for something, in fact many things, every single day. While Thanksgiving is one day a year, giving thanks and gratitude does not need to be relegated to a single day, […]

Tricks and Treats

There is no denying that 2020 has had more than its fair share of tricks, least of which are the days, weeks and months blending together. That said, it’s had it’s share of treats, too– armed with new perspective we are appreciating the little things and doing a lot less sweating the small stuff. And […]