Class Descriptions

Level 1

This class provides detailed explanation of each posture. Breathwork, “basic” seated and standing postures, backbending and forward bending will be introduced, including the use of props. A great way to lay the foundation of your yoga practice or to enhance an established practice, this class is suitable for all guests and recommended for those that are new to yoga and/or Yoga Life.

Level 1-2

Building upon the foundation laid in Level 1, this class dives more deeply into the seated and standing postures, backbending and forward bending with an introduction to inversions. Incorporating basic elements of Yoga Life Creative Flow, moving on the breath and linking of postures is explored. This class is suitable for guests that have had an introduction to yoga and/or are new to Yoga Life and are looking to expand and/or enhance their practice.


Yoga Life Creative Flow consisting of a combination of vinyasa (moving on the breath) and holding of postures to build flexibility, strength and openness on many levels. Variations of postures will be offered, with an invitation for each guest to find the expression of the pose that is right for them in the moment. Appropriate for guests with some yoga experience to an established practice, we recommend you have familiarity with breathing and alignment basics.

Iyengar Yoga

Taught in the Iyengar tradition, this class will build strength, stability and ease through standing, seated and relaxation poses. There will be a focus on body alignment in the poses (asanas) and the breath (pranayama) as you are guided through detailed instructions and cues. This class is appropriate for all levels.