Celebrating Love

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Heart image above created by David Patterson from his original pastel paintings

Now that Valentine's Day has come and gone, we can say with great conviction that one day a year isn't nearly enough to celebrate love. Love is always celebration - of our current loves, love we've had and love we've lost, love reciprocated and love unrequited. Love and pain, bliss and fear - they are all sides of the same coin. It can't be any other way, really - with reward comes risk and even in the face of failure or rejection, reward is there- granted the reward may come weeks, months, years or even lifetimes later, but it eventually arrives. Sometimes it already has, we just haven't woken up to it yet.

Whether it's past experience, fear, or the risk simply seems too great many of us don't fully express our love or it goes un-communicated altogether. This is nothing short of tragic. We get so concerned about wearing our hearts on our sleeve that we forget that to truly love we need to bare ourselves entirely. Few relationships are tailor made and we'd be kidding ourselves to think we should be dressing up for the occasion. It's quite the opposite, really--the extra layers we put on wear holes into our hearts and souls. Shed a layer, shed a tear, shed whatever is holding you back from fully experiencing your relationship with yourself and others.

In that way, love is similar to our breath. Try this - breathe in all you can. Pause. Now try to breathe in a little more. Most of us are able to take in a little more breath. Try the same with your exhale. Just as with our breath, our capacity to give and receive love is greater than we think. When all is said and done, love is love. Romantic, Familial, Spiritual. New, True, Tough. Reciprocated, Rejected, Rekindled. Love is love. Celebrate, cherish and most definitely, share it.