Jen Streim

Jen Streim was influenced by 15 years of inspirational Instructors and now looks at teaching yoga as a way of giving back to her community to help people find their inner peace. Jen brings her unique sense of empowerment to each of her vinyasa flow yoga classes. Setting intentions, use of pranayama and asana to move deeper on and off the mat. Each class is uniquely designed to recharge, empower, challenge, and provoke thoughts and self-awareness. Classes challenge students both physically and mentally with sequences designed with intentionally scripted music with special attention to alignment and flow. Jen has a distinctive approach to each of her vinyasa classes, where she can work with beginners and seasoned yogis alike to create an inclusive environment for all yogis to practice together through her step by step approach to each of her yoga classes. In addition to her 200 RYT certification she also has her Yogakids and Restorative yoga certifications. Jen’s ultimate goal is to help people feel good in their bodies and aid  them to find their own personal power.

Jen Streim is also a local Interior Designer that brings a sense of home and wellness together, to create a less stressful, decluttered, and peaceful environment for her clients. Her unique approach to design marries well with yoga as yoga helps bring a sense of calm to the mat, Jen’s goal is to bring that same sense of calm and inner peace to your home.