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Winter/Sping 2019 Program starts January 2, 2019



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Contact Dena @ 516-521-3539 or

Printable Schedule

Winter/Spring 2019 Schedule
beginning January 2, 2019

Mindful Mondays
Ages 11+

Little OMmies Caregiver+
Baby Yoga

Session 2: 5/14, 5/21, 5/28, 6/4

Ages 11+



Monthly Family Yoga Workshop
12/8, 1/12. 2/9, 3/9, 4/13, 5/11, 6/8

Ages 7-10

Ages 7-10

5:00 - 6:00pm PYA Yoga for Athletes
Ages 8-14
Dena, Jen, Nicole

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starts 1/4


** No classes on public holidays and Port Washington school vacation weeks.

Class Descriptions

Little OMmies Caregiver + Baby (5 weeks to crawlers) -

This class is a great way to spend time bonding with you baby, and to meet other local caregivers in Little OMmies! Practice yoga postures that help strengthen and tone the body. Uniting breath and movement will help promote inner peace that all caregivers can use! Baby Yoga exercises, coupled with massage, will help the teeniest yogis in muscular development, aid in digestion and help with circulation. This class is appropriate for all levels. Beginners welcome!
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Yoga Buds (4-6 year olds) -

Classes are fun, creative, and playful to allow the young yogis and yoginis to use their imaginations as we learn simple yoga poses, playful breathing exercises and relaxation. Classes incorporate music, art, story-telling, cooperative games and endless imagination as an introduction to yoga.


Yoga Blooms (7-10 year olds) -

Strength, flexibility, and coordination are focused on with a greater understanding of body awareness. Yoga sequences, breathing, balance poses, and relaxation are taught to build a child’s confidence in their abilities while practicing in a non-competitive environment.


Yoga Tweens/Teens (11+ years) -

As the body and mind transitions from childhood to adulthood, classes focus on body structure, building inner and outer strength, concentration, breathing, relaxation, and meditation. During this stage of pressure and uncertainty, yoga poses, breathing techniques, and relaxation are all used to give teens tools to help manage these emotions.


Mindful Mondays (11+ years) -

Start the week off breathing and moving mindfully….. each class will be focused on revealing the breath’s fullest potential and using that to create more space in the body through various poses. Through this body movement awareness, teens will feel more empowered coping with life’s every day challenges.
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Fun + Zen Fridays (ages 4-8)
Spark your child’s imagination by having them move through yoga and learn “life lessons” through picture books. Discover how stories combined with yoga poses will improve body awareness and give them an outlet for self-expression; creating a FUN + ZEN feeling!

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Family Yoga Series (ages 4-9) -

A family who breaths together relaxes this yoga series, families will learn breathing techniques, a variety of fun poses to stretch and strengthen the body and an inviting relaxation where peace/calm are welcome and stress/anxiety stay off the mat.
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Family Pop-Up Yoga
​Come join us on the mat with your family for ​a great chance to enjoy some quality time together. Take your family to these fun pop-up yoga classes during school vacation.
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Calling All Girl and Boy Scouts.... Earn a Badge with Self-Discovery and Awareness Through Yoga (all ages) -

This class will focus on using your breath to find balance and relaxation. The scouts will learn yoga asanas (poses) consistent with the theme of the class as well as partner and group work to create cohesiveness, trust and connection. Girls/Boys and Leaders can chose among several themes for their group visit. Please call to schedule your visit.
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PYA Yoga for Athletes

This class is for all PYA Athletes! No matter what sport(s) you play, yoga is a great way to help improve your “game”.
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baby yoga

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Classes for Group. School Programs, Brownie/Daisy Troops Available! Call for details.

Class Prices:

Children (45 minute class)
8 weeks = $175

Tweens/Teens (1 hour class)
8 weeks = $220

Mindful Mondays (1 hour class)
10 weeks = $250
Drop-in - $30

Little OMmies (45 minute class)
4 weeks (Tuesdays): $110
Drop-in: $30

Family Yoga (1 hour and 15 minute class)
1 session: $30/child + 1 parent; $10/additional child or parent

Drop in Rates * Drop-ins offered if space is available. Must call in advance of class.
Child classes - $25/class
Tween/Teens class - $30/class

Please note:

* Once a series starts, new students may join at a prorated fee if space is available.
* Refunds are granted if requested before the 2nd attended class.
* There is a $20 charge for returned checks.
* This schedule is subject to change; LLY reserves the right to combine or cancel classes and/or modify teachers.


About Little Lotus Yoga:

Little Lotus Yoga’s mission is to share the gift of yoga with all the “blossoming yogis” in our community by offering classes from womb (prenatal yoga) to bloom (teen yoga). Little Lotus Yoga honors the whole child by focusing on mind, body and spirit. This integrated approach enhances concentration, focus and self – esteem. The postures and breathing exercises in yoga teach the child skills for coping with stress and how to energize or calm oneself. Little Lotus Yoga encourages children to open their minds through yoga so they learn to challenge and develop themselves creatively and calmly. Each class is different introducing many poses, breathing and relaxation techniques.

Children of every age who experience a Little Lotus yoga class want to continue taking classes because it makes them feel good. Unlike other activities where children are required to participate, most children choose to take yoga because of the non-competitive environment and the relaxed, calming state they consistently feel after each class. By starting yoga at an early age, children can learn to establish a mind-body connection and lifelong skills to a balanced life. This is a priceless gift you can give your child.