Maru Duran

Maru is a yoga teacher, an art historian and a mom. She is originally from Uruguay, but has been living in NY for almost 20 years. She comes from a fine arts background, having worked in galleries and museums in NYC. She has a Master’s Degree in art history and currently sets up exhibitions to promote the philosophy of yoga. She has been practicing Vinyasa and Hatha yoga for over 10 years.

Maru fell in love with yoga philosophy and asana (postures) practice early on because it helped her get in contact with her body and inner self. The teachings of yoga guided her towards her authentic path and happiness. She deeply believes in the transformative and curative power of yoga when the practitioner is receptive. Therefore, she always tries to include yoga wisdom (Dharma talk) in her classes.

Her Hatha and Vinyasa classes are soulful, alignment conscious, dynamic and playful, where every level is welcomed. She is thankful for her teachers, and the teachers of her teachers, for passing on their knowledge about this amazing practice. She believes she will be forever a student.