Our Studio

Street View

We are conveniently located at 939 Port Washington Boulevard just two blocks from Main Street. Our entrance is on Port Washington Boulevard, just look for the Yoga Life logo on our front door. We are on the second floor – first door on the left after you come up the stairs. If you’re not able to get to us by foot or bike, we do have free parking available in the back. Turn on Campus Drive heading toward the high school and make your first left into our parking lot. The Rite Aid parking lot is also available. Once you are parked you’ll simply need to walk back around front to enter.

Please note, we do not have “store hours.” We are at the studio between 15 and 30 minutes prior to class.

You can reach us at yogalifepw@gmail.com or 516-767-YOGA (9642).


At Yoga Life our intention is to create a warm welcoming environment that provides an open invitation to celebrate life, liberation and joyous expression. To help foster the notion that we can play while we work and work while we play. To appreciate that life isn’t always easy, but to approach it with ease. And more than anything else, to live, really live, and in doing so, get the most out of and put the most into each moment of this life, this yoga life.

YogaLife Sudio One


The title of this short piece by Ernest Hemingway served as a source of inspiration for our studio design. A space that feels familiar, comfortable and open. That is simple and at the same time radiates energy and inspires wonder. We live in a world of too many distractions, both external and internal, each building upon the other. We need places we can go, not to get away from it all, but rather to return to what’s real. It is our small hope that our simple, clean, well-lighted space, can provide just that.


An altar is a great way to enhance your yoga environment. Flowers, candles, photos and other objects of inspiration can help to breathe life into your practice. We encourage you to try it at home!