Rhonda Johnson

Rhonda’s passion for exploration in movement began in early childhood intuitively knowing the body/mind connection to our spirit. Having earned an M.S. and B.S. in Dance and Fitness, Rhonda has taught group exercise, dance and personal training for the past 30 years. In 2000, she had found her life long interests in philosophy, psychology and movement merge through the AMAZING practice of YOGA. Earning her 500RYT certification, Rhonda offers expertise in alignment with creative choreography in the hope that inner peace can manifest to outward joy and gratitude.

Getting to Know Rhonda

1) Why did you start practicing yoga?

In Sept 2000, as I walked into the kitchen, my pinkie toe remained in the living room. There are not many activities practiced barefoot, so with my
broken toe I ventured into a hot yoga class and was re-born. THIS was an immediate and deep love at first asana !!!

2) How would you describe your teaching style?

Depending on the focus of the practice (hip or heart openers, inversions, arm balances etc) alignment principles and breath awareness are the mainstays in a lighthearted, non-competitive, creative atmosphere.

3) Who or what is your inspiration?

Music and lyrics, philosophical writings, hiking in the mountains and my soul mate husband, Steven.

4) Tell us something that we would never guess about you?

Dreaming every night and remembering those images, stories and lessons EVERY MORNING my entire life. There are about 8 themes and I have been watching the evolution of these topics for decades. About 3 years ago the 8th one began, it is about emptiness and surrender.

5) What is your least favorite asana to practice?

Tricky !!!!
There is not one pose that is my least favorite, but my challenge is in accepting my liabilities whether it is temporary for todays practice, or a bind that I no longer attempt due to my shoulder limitations.
Reverse Namaste or Bird of Paradise may not happen today and although these are not my least favorite poses, they are an example of acceptance when I am compassionate to myself and least favorite when I feel diminished because I forget to be grateful.

6) Name 1 thing on your bucket list.

I want to experience ZERO GRAVITY !!!! COME JOIN ME 🙂