How would you like to give your Self the gift of feeling connected, grounded, at ease and yes, JOYFUL in your life?

In Yoga LifeStyle I teach and support students to work towards finding optimal health and well-being in their lives. Waking up daily ENERGIZED – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually- is essential to creating a balanced state.

If this resonates with you, I look forward to continuing the conversation.

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– Joanne

What is Yoga LifeStyle?

About Joanne Kane

Intuitive, supportive and compassionate with a healthy dose of “keeping it real,” Joanne is a whole-istic educator and mentor. A 500-hr certified Yoga Instructor with thousands of hours of teaching experience, Joanne began teaching in 1999 while balancing a career in retail. Joanne firmly believes that yoga is a key to finding your true self and found her own truth in 2000 when she chose to 100% dedicate herself to sharing her passion for the practice and began teaching full time. As a School of American Ballet trained dancer, Joanne has always gravitated to the alignment based aspects of yoga – what started as an affinity for the physical alignment of asana (the poses) became a fascination with aligning/re-aligning the whole person- body, mind, spirit and breath.

As a practice, Yoga provides an expansive set of tools for coping, aligning and healing – breathing techniques, asana, meditation, relaxation and philosophy. For more than two decades Joanne has used these tools in her own yoga and life practice, learning for herself what works and doesn’t work, respecting the fact that what works one day may not work the next and that the seemingly unproductive may very well bear the greatest fruit in the long run. As a teacher, Joanne is grateful to have had the opportunity to share this with her students in group classes and privates and in 2020 launched Yoga LifeStyle as a way to take these teaching off the mat and work with people in a new way. These are the guiding principles:

  • We are all magnificent beings with incredible potential – this potential deserves to be recognized.
  • Yogic principles and practices serve to heal disease and dis-ease we all experience.
  • Through proper alignment, intelligence, intuition and motivation we can connect to the best aspect of our Self and move toward our passions, soul’s calling and heart’s desire.

Joanne is a co-founder and co-owner of Yoga Life in Port Washington, NY. In 2019 she began Aliveness Yoga, a weekly practice of yoga, psychology and spirituality, with Dr. Jen Nardozzi, a psychologist specializing in eating disorders. In 2020, Joanne joined Dr. Jen’s Food and Body (FAB) team as a Whole-listic Life Educator. FAB is a a step-by-step outpatient program for those struggling with disordered eating.

Joanne is the mother of two strong and resilient young women, Caitlin and Ella. She resides in Port Washington, NY with her yogi husband, Drew.

How is Yoga LifeStyle not therapy or coaching? Read what students have to say…

“With so much delicate and practiced mentoring, Joanne created a safe space for me to explore myself on a very deep level.  She gave me the opportunity to navigate my life with her along my side, never giving advice or telling me what to do.

This process was a beautiful mix of joy, sorrow and deep learning. With very thoughtful questions and exercises, Joanne guided me to finding where I most needed to grow, areas that are holding me back and what my specific form of freedom might look like for me.

Joanne’s sense of when to propel me deeper is matched by her intuitive sense of when I reached my limit and needed time to process.

I can’t recommend this enough to someone who wants to get started on a journey of self awareness and personal transformation.”


Feedback from a student who is an expert in the mental health field:

“Joanne is a warm, wise, and supportive teacher and guide. As a psychologist, I appreciated Joanne’s approach to creating new habits and ways to create more fun and joy in cultivating mindfulness.

Her expertise in yoga paired with her awareness of individual and universal energy gave me a fresh perspective. Joanne helped me to get “un-stuck” in a way that felt authentic and meaningful to me. I highly recommend Joanne for anyone who wants to expand their sense of themselves and what is possible in their own life.

Thank you so much Joanne!”


“Prior to beginning Yoga LifeStyle, I felt burdened with ambiguous anger and judgement of people and situations, both personal and remote. I feel my greatest accomplishment is the “completed” release of a long standing anger with a family member. I began the progream with at least the desire to not be angry, but not knowing how, beyond just letting it go. I learned it required a completion without reservations, and I learned just how much self exploration was involved in getting to that point. I feel that this sense of “completing” areas of anger, frustration and discord will stay with me and help me as new situations arise, and old situations wait in the wings (so to speak) to rise again…C’est la vie!!

My completion “aha” moment was epic!”