Breaking Through

Walls can serve varied and opposing functions in our lives– protecting us from the outside world, providing us something to lean on and at times, obstructing us and keeping us from getting where we need to go. When travelling the road toward liberation, fortify the walls that provide support and structure; tear down those that act as obstructions and obstacles. You may find you need to go over, under or around the wall today, only for it to block your path again tomorrow. Keep at it, unwavering, and you just may find yourself breaking through…

The Wall
I built a wall around my house
to keep out strangers and protect my things.
I built a wall around my eyes
to shield myself from images of destruction and suffering.
But then I couldn’t see the sun,
or birds, or babies or anything, really.

So I put in a window.
I built a wall around my ears
to keep out the harsh words of criticism,
the sounds of traffic and shouting,
The wails of pain all around me.
But then I couldn’t hear the birds,
or laughter,
or the wind rustling the trees.

So I opened my window.
I built a wall around my heart
so I couldn’t be hurt,
to repel the arrows of rejection.
But then I couldn’t love.
So I poked my head out the window,
and called out to a stranger.
We talked for hours.

I built a wall around my life,
to protect myself from failure,
to prevent anything bad from ever happening to me.
And I never failed and nothing bad ever happened to me.
In fact, nothing ever happened to me at all.

I became imprisoned by what was there to protect,
Shut in by what was supposed to keep out,
So I tore down the wall,
Stepped outside.
And started living.