May and Mother’s Day

As we head into May and Mother’s Day, we’re sending big PROPS and THANKS out to all the moms for everything that you do, day in and day out, rain, shine or whatever that crazy ol’ Mother Nature has in store for us these days.  We don’t always remember to say thanks, we don’t always see that you have our best interests at heart, we don’t always realize how much it takes to say no when it would be so damn easy to say yes– but every now and again, in our moments of clarity, when our defenses go down and we set all those years of accumulated stuff to the side, it’s hard to be anything but humbled, awed and grateful for you, mom.  Maybe we don’t say it enough, but your moms, and as part of a breed that at your best personify karma yoga (selfless service) in action and at your worst simply personify being human, we know you’ll forgive us this.  Thanks, mom.  Namaste.