Later this month we celebrate Halloween, a night to indulge our senses, our sense of imagination and to let our spirits soar, sometimes literally! On Halloween we dress up, put on a mask and “poof” we’re someone else. Of course, Halloween isn’t necessarily the only day we put on a mask and our masks aren’t always the physical material that disguises or conceals our face. We don masks to conceal our feelings, our thoughts and ultimately, our true selves. This can be borne out of fear, a desire to fit in, a choice to take the path of least resistance. To which we can only respond, breathe into your fear, let go of conformity, resist choosing what’s easy over what’s necessary.

The English writer Alan Moore writes, “You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it.” Yoga jogs our memory, it reminds us who we are and connects us with our true self. The trick to remembering- a constant and determined practice on and off the mat. The treat- fearlessly peeling off the mask for all to see the perfectly imperfect 100% real you. Now that’s something to give you goosebumps!