Heading into 2022 with eyes and ears wide open

Yoga is filled with openers – heart openers, shoulder openers, hip openers– it also teaches us to approach things with an open mind, an open heart (there’s that heart thing again) and an open perspective. In that same spirit, we are heading into 2022 focused on another type of opening – keeping our eyes and ears wide open – observing and listening to everything around and within us – waking up to the world, shaking off days blending into one another, taking the opportunity to be amazed, awed and inspired by everything around us. We say this without an ounce of Polyanna sentiment – if we are truly walking the world with eyes wide open we will see all that is beautiful and all that is ugly and will be the better for seeing both.

When you walk the world with your eyes and ears wide open you’ll find that the world opens up to you. The most valuable lessons aren’t necessarily the ones you pick up from the places you go looking for them – the mat, class, workshops, lectures, webinars – they are the ones that are right in front of your eyes, sometimes hidden in plain sight. It’s with that in mind that we’re re-committing to putting on our “seeing eyes” and “listening ears,” to intently and intensely seeing and listening to all the world offers us – what inspires us, what frightens us, what motivates us, what disgusts us and what awes us – to remaining open to it all and in that way, opening from the inside out.